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Federal Government Contracts

Working with the federal government can be intimidating at best, and excruciating at worst.  We understand from our years of experience that the contracting process with the government can actually be quick and painless when you’ve got the right team working for you.

Our team of lawyers and contracts professionals will step into any phase of the contracting process and offer support in virtually every pre-litigation matter.  We know where to focus our energy and efforts so that you can receive the maximum return on your investment.

Our services include the following:

Request for Proposal (RFP) Support

  • RFP Review with legal ramification analysis
  • RFP SOW review with cost and performance realism analysis
  • Final proposal review with detailed compliance check
  • FAR and DFAR clause review

Prime Contract Execution

  • Thoroughly review all clauses and communicate any red flags
  • Negotiate any desired changes with the Customer
  • Identify any inconsistencies with the contract based on what was originally proposed or requested
  • Work with your technical team to ensure the contract is consistent with the work to be performed

Prime Contract Performance

  • Create achievable metrics based on contract objectives
  • Set up processes to clearly monitor prime contract performance
  • Establish notifications for lapses that may create a material breach of contract

Subcontract Execution

  • Create a custom subcontract based on any (or all) aspects of the prime contract
  • Thoroughly review all subcontract clauses if your company is the sub
  • Negotiate your desired changes with your teaming partner
  • Execute the subcontract on your behalf

Subcontract Performance

  • Work with your Program/Project Manager to ensure metrics are in place for seamless contract performance
  • Closely monitor the progress of your teaming partner to guarantee they are in full compliance of the subcontract terms and conditions